Taxi Information

Getting around in Sharm el Sheikh is more a masterful task than it first appears. So here’s a few top tips on how to get around. First you must choose your mode of public transport, there are licensed taxi’s, private car taxis, mini buses and pick-up trucks all more than happy to whisk you away to your chosen destination. First, the good old blue and white official taxis. These guys are licensed to transport foreigners, and currently the only vehicle able penetrate Naama Bay’s interior. They are based in the top car-park near the Tavern, so it’s the closest you’re going to get. A top tip is to set the price first, if it is not agreeable then move up the line, the further you go in theory the price should go down. There is a sign in English stating the correct fare, but if a taxi refuses to take you there is not much to be done. Consider paying more if it is late at night or you have multiple stopping points. Around LE15 – LE20 should get you to Hadaba from Naama bay. Make a note of the license number, so if you have any problems you can find the taxi.

If you want to go cheap, then wander up to the main road and hail a mini-bus. It will cost between LE1 and LE3 to go any distance along the main road. Minibuses are now traveling up to Hadaba as well. Make sure you are ready to shout ‘Stop’ or ‘henna quais’ (here is fine) otherwise they will just go on. The mini-buses are generally used by the Egyptian workers and therefore it is respectful not to hop on semi clothed, cover up for a more relaxed journey. While pickup trucks and private drivers could also offer you paid rides, please note that these vehicles are not licensed to transport foreign passengers, and could be operating illegally. For your own safety, it is most advisable to stick to licensed taxis and public minibuses. One last tip: please note that the speed limit is 60km per hour along the main road, so it is quite OK to tell your Schumacher to slow down, and at night it is always best to get the driver to use his headlights ‘momkin noor’, or ‘fi noor’ should do the trick. Good Luck and Happy traveling.

Sharm el Sheikh Taxi service:

You can get around the entire place of Sharm el Sheikh by trains, buses and taxis.
According to many locals the taxis are the best way to travel around the city. The side scene o the place, the friendly behavior of the taxi drivers, the comfortable streets – all help to have a fair idea of the place.

Taxis are easily found from any place in the city of Sharm el Sheikh. The traffic of this place is right moving and the speed of the motorcars ids fixed at 90 kph. Headlights are used by the drivers mostly at times when people are crazy enough o cross the road.

General information
There are a particular category of taxis that have their prices fixed by the local Sinai government. These special taxis require sticking the prices at the windows but this rule is often violated.
These special taxis come under 4 categories that run especially across the region of Old market, Naama bay, and Hadaba.

The rates are fairly high enough. So it is recommended to determine the price before you board a taxi. If you are not aware of the rates then you can ask the people in your hotel about the rates. Often they can arrange a taxi for you with rates determined beforehand. So if you are a new comer it would be wise to rely on your hotel.

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Regular taxis and tourist taxis operate from the airport.