Top Motives To Visit Sharm El Sheikh

The Best Destination

Sharm El sheikh is among the very best tourist destinations in Egypt. Being situated on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula it is perfectly positioned on the narrow coastal strip between the red sea and the Sinai Mountain Range. Being the administrative capital for Egypt's southern provinces and an important tourist destination there has been an incredible amount of tourism infra structure put in place in the past decade. This alone makes it one of the best serviced tourism destinations in the whole of Egypt.

Approximately one hour from Sharm, nestled at the bottom of Mount Sinai is St. Katherine's Monastery. It is one of the oldest continuously functioning Christian monasteries in the world, and it said to be where Moses encountered the Burning Bush. Many people enjoy following the footsteps of Moses by climbing to the top of Mount Sinai, where, so the Bible tells us, God gave him the Ten Commandments. It is reached by a beautiful path, which takes you past an amphitheatre, magnificent gardens and a chapel. Once at the top, there is a spectacular sunrise.

Food and Drink
Famous for it's richly varied flavours, Egyptian cuisine offers a wide range of dishes, from Foul and Molokhia to Kochari and various Messeh (appetisers). Egyptian cuisine is a blend of Mediterranean specialities, combining the sophisticated flavours of Turkey, Lebanon and other Near Eastern cuisines. Egypt is home to many outstanding restaurants, where specialities are made from local meat and vegetables as well as delicious fresh fish from the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. To accompany these dishes, choose from the region's renowned fresh fruit juices, or wine and beer. For dessert, treat yourself to delicious pastries made with honey and oil, a true Eastern delight, accompanied by a refreshing Karkaday (an infusion of hibiscus flowers). When dining in Sharm El Sheikh there are two main areas to choose from, the lively Na'ama Bay or the more traditional Old Sharm, where you will find numerous restaurants to choose from including Western, Italian, and Mexican.

The Red Sea is Egypt's fastest growing golfing destination, in fact Sharm El Sheikh hosted the European Golf tournament in 2004. Egypt has also been named Undiscovered Golf Destination of the Year 2006 by global golf tourism organisation IAGTO. With more golf courses being developed, this has certainly put Sharm El Sheikh on the golfing map! In fact, the Red Sea region alone currently has five courses, and not only are they uncrowded, but great value for money too!

Within Sharm El Sheikh, there is plenty to do in the evening. Most of the hotels offer entertainment, and if you fancy venturing out of the hotel complex, there are numerous bars and nightclubs to choose from in the renowned Na'ama Bay. Pacha, decorated with small canals, pools and rocks, is the best disco in Sharm for late-night party goers, featuring English night at the weekends with popular British DJs. Alternately, if you prefer something more low key, you can enjoy a drink and perhaps a smoke in one of the many Shisha cafes.

The Red Sea, considered by conservationists and scientists as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, has the closest coral reef to the UK, and is a magnet for divers. The Red Sea is regarded as the diving capital of the world, and Sharm El Sheikh is perfectly positioned with easy access to over 40 dive sites. It is noted for its sightings of sharks, turtles, barracuda, as well as more than 2000 species of fish and spectacular coral formations. Sharm El Sheikh is great for beginners or the more experienced diver as the clear warm water makes for the perfect diving conditions. You do not need to scuba dive to experience the beauty of the Red Sea, with coral growing only a metre away from the water surface you can see plenty of marine life just snorkelling.