Top Things To Know


The visa for foreigners (except of Malta, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Arab Countries) have to obtain a visa from the Egyptian consulate or an arrival at the airport .it normally is cheaper to get the visa locally on arrival, where it costs 15 USD. A photo is not required, but you will have to fill out a form. Buy the visa stamp (15 USD) and get registered.

The validity of thesingle-entry visa is 3 months, while the visitor may stay for one month only. A multi-entry visa (max 3 visits) is valid for 6 months, but also the visitor may not stay in the country for more than one month in total. However, it is possible to extend the visa for a period of 12 months.

What women should wear

Egypt, being a predominantly Muslim country, is naturally conservative (not like the Gulf States or Saudi Arabia) but the average people are careful in what they wear, especially ladies -- the more conservative the clothing you wear, the better it is for you.

Egypt is a Muslim country and while its cities are modern and local women may wear makeup now, they always dress conservatively.

Egyptians find it very inappropriate to reveal even the slightest amount of stomach or hips, so short tops, short skirts / shorts, or tight clothes should be avoided completely.

Although the dress code is more relaxed in hotels and resorts like Sharm el Sheikh than in public places, you will find that you will get more respect if you dress modestly.

No topless sunbathing even at your resort hotel, the locals really do not like it.


Tips are usual and part of the income for many people. It should be give, but with care and not too high. Occasions are taxis, waiters, the concierge etc. 5-10% are normal. Also, it should be considered, that some people are not earning money from the organization they are working for because from the organizational point of view they are believed to earn enough money receiving tips.



Once in Egypt, you might like to get to know locals and might like to discuss politics. It is always interesting to get to know opinions of people of other countries. However, if you do come from a western country or non-Arabic country, we would recommend to not discuss political issues unless you are prepared for it. People here are sensitive for topics that concern Israel and any conflict that concerns the Arab world.



The passport must valid for at least 6 months after end of your stay in Egypt. It is advisavle to keep a copy of your passport in separate place. This will make things much easier in case you lose the original.

If you travel within Sinai, make sure you always have you passport with you.

Since the peninsular is divided in 3 different military zones, passport checks are very frequent. If you don’t have it on you - e.g. on your way to St. Catherine – you will not be able to pass.

Mobile communications

There are three mobile phone companies that you can contact to get a temporary mobile number at affordable prices.
Mobinil : 16110
Vodafone : 16888
Etisalat : 0111234333

Money matters

Name : Egyptian pound
Locally called " Gineh" in Arabic
Currency code : EGP
Symbol : LE ( Livre egyptienne )
Bank notes : 200 LE , 100 LE , 50 LE , 20 LE , 10 LE , 5 LE , 1 LE , 50 piasters and 25 piasters
Coins : still circulating but are very rare